Sunday, April 15, 2012


I hate the snow. This wasn't always the case. When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, the snow was cool. It was this far off exotic thing; It didn't stroll into town every winter with the homeless, we had to drive to find it. Snow represented fun and frolic, snowball fights!

Now? Snow sucks. Its cold. It causes accidents. It delays planes. It causes people to slip on the ice and fall on their ass as their "friends" laugh, then quickly feign concern. It awakens the white walkers, and every time a kid gets triple dog dared to lick a pole they have to call out the fire department. This is a huge drain on city resources! No wonder the economy sucks; We have winter.

If you have a computer and like free games that are awesome, you should check out Tribes: Ascend. By far the best free game I've ever played. The premise is, Its the future! Guns now shoot explosive frisbees instead of bullets! And... everyone can fly! If those last two sentences didn't make you think "I need this inside me" than go watch Stargate: SG1 until you enjoy happiness again. And then watch this.*

"But, Zach" you say haughtily, swirling your fancy-person drink in a chalice "I just don't like things with space or explosions or excitement, especially when they are free!" Just get out. Go. I can't make a logical argument with you. There is no reason why free (FREE) access to exploding frisbee deathmatches at breakneck speeds should not be taken advantage of.

* I am aware that this video includes the word flag a comical number of times, but I give it a pass due to the bombastic awesomeness of everything else

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