Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I went running on the path behind my house today, and a woman walking a dog without a leash was coming towards me. I stood to the side to let them pass, but apparently the dog saw this as a threat, and charged me while barking. I turned my back and just ignored it but apparently this is ALSO a threatening gesture, because the creature then decided the only reasonable action was to repeatedly jump on my back. I looked to the woman for help, and she just smiled at me, said "Oh stop it jack" in a jovial manner and continued to walk towards me at a leisurely pace. Upon reaching me (Without stopping mind you) she laughingly said "Sorry, he gets a little excited sometimes!" and then proceeded to walk past me. Her dog joined her a few seconds later with a few final barks to make sure I wouldn't dare give pursuit. Not cool.

I saw the hunger games a few days ago; I had my doubts as it was only rated pg-13 and the subject matter is... well, violent murder, but I feel like they did a fantastic job and I highly recommend it.