Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ehrmagerd iza blerg

      Like that friend that shows up at your door once every six months around 11pm and wants to sleep on your couch, my blog returns, filled with gusto and likely to leave unexpectedly at any moment! I've done all manner of stupidly adult-esque things since my last post, including getting a new job, setting a budget, taking my car to a real life mechanic, and, bathing!

      I decided to put on some music to help increase the flow of creative juices from my think-brain onto the screen, and chose my Bruno Mars radio station. I thought I liked Bruno Mars, until I realized that I really only like the songs "Runaway" and "Grenade". Also apparently Taylor swift is in the same genre as Bruno? I ran out of "dislikes" in about 6 minutes, and then just switched back to my Dragonforce/Flogging Molly/Capercaillie station.

Speaking of fluids, for the last few days my nose has been an unsealable conduit of mucus. The liters/sec flow on my face-faucet is roughly equal to that of a small waterfall. This pile of tissue was created between 8 pm and 3 am. and no I didn't put them in the trash. Sidenote, I have completely forgotten how to format these things so there is not a gigantic break in the text on the side of the picture. Opportunity for improvement!

New Girl was by far my favorite show in existence for its first season, but season 2 has been mostly disappointing to me so far. Zooey Deschanel is on my "hit" list for sure, but the show has lost a lot of its appeal as the plot has had an ever-heavier emphasis on sex. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some sex, but it has its place! Some of my favorite shows, like Game of Thrones, Archer and porn already have tons of sex in them. It was nice for there to be a very funny show that had sex as sort of a side issue, not the main focus. Eh, can't win em all.

Dragonforce was starting to make me want to club a baby seal, so I switched over to my good ole' Ray Charles/James Brown. I swear I should have been born a black Irishman in the late 60's for the way my music taste seems to orient itself. Alas, I am white, Italian and sadly without soul. By the way if anyone knows how to share a pandora station as a link, and not just as a "pandora link" It would be fun to link to my stations here.

There is an unfortunate lack of good sci-fi out right now. There was a disappointing teaser for a while that a new Star Trek tv show was in the making, but nothing really came of that. As fun as swords and sorcery are, sometimes a guy just wants to know how re-configuring the flow of the matter anti-matter reaction will increase the terradyne/ns output of the warp core enough to escape the gravity pull of a quasar. You know, science!

Snow still sucks.