Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad show

Tv and movie dramas should not have child actors. Occasionally you get someone awesome like Arya* from Game of Thrones, but the vast majority of children are really bad actors, creepy, or annoying. Game of Thrones had the right idea, aging almost every child-character 5-10 years so they would only have the bare minimum of kids involved. I suppose with all the boobs and violence flying all over the place its not appropriate having a bunch of kids on the set being all... youthful.

Now there is another show (recently cancelled) with an annoying kid called Terra Nova. I watched this dumb thing every week, and was ashamed of myself for doing so. The little girl character is a constant cheese-fest, if she was on full house the fake audience would go "awwwww" everytime she opened her adorable mouth. Considering that the premise of the show involves time travel and dinosaurs, you would think you would get some decent violence here and there, but noooooo. This show is much more interested in showing a little girl make friends at school, and draw pictures of her family holding hands under a rainbow.

Remember last week when I clearly established that in the future, guns shoot exploding frisbees of death? Well apparently in this future, guns only shoot sound. One of the problems that arises when you use a glorified loudspeaker to fight dinosaurs, is that sound doesn't kill dinosaurs. At best, they think "oh, this is mildly annoying" and at worst "Wow, that guy is making an annoying sound. I'm going to eat him now". Nobody on the show really seems to mind that they are powerless to stop dinosaurs though, because In Terra Nova, no one ever hurts dinosaurs. Ever. Even in self defense. Its as though the show creators were worried that animal rights activists would be upset if they showed their poor, defenseless CGI dinosaurs being harmed in any way or for any reason.

The straw that broke logics back was when a velocorapter eats some dude alive, and they need to get his dogtags out of the things stomach. instead of doing the normal thing and killing the monster that is eating your people, they capture it alive, carefully surgically extract the dog tags, and then release it into the field twenty feet from their camp. Its like knocking down a wasp nest and then putting it back up inside the house. Its no wonder this crap was cancelled.

If you don't mind your PC games crappy, short and full of bugs, you might be interested in beta testing! Diablo III just launched its open beta, and there is also a Korean MMO called Tera That is beta testing until the 23rd only. Happy gaming!

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  1. NOOO!!!! I only saw this post AFTER the 23rd--Tera looks so purty!