Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day... two

I feel like I need to explain myself here. This thing was intended to have daily updates. Obviously that didn't happen.

So then I'm like "ok, I guess its a weekly blog now"

... That didn't happen either.

Fine! Whatever! I'll just redeem myself by showing that I finished the tasks I set out to, WITHOUT the help of the blog's shame to inspire me! Lets revisit that list so I can rock it.

1. Register my car. Nope
2. Pay parking ticket. Check!
3. Clean the Salamander tank. Negatory
4. Clean my bathroom. aaaaaand no.

Ok. So the procrastination blog experiment has failed. Epicly.

While busy NOT doing any of the things on my list, I did manage to rewatch all 3 seasons of Avatar, The Last Airbender, AND check out the live action "The Last Airbender".

Very simple reason why the movie failed. M. Night turned this example of awesome (you only need to watch the first 20 seconds)

Into this slice of fuckleberry pie

clip 1: little girl effortlessly creates pillars of stone to attack her enemies
clip 2: six grown-ass men dance in unison for 5 seconds to make a single cgi rock gently float across the screen like a leaf on the wind (bonus points if you catch the reference).

Bah. More later.

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! Watching those two scenes with your explanation was hysterical!