Friday, October 28, 2011

Day one

I procrastinate. Like a lot. To the point of almost constant self-sabotage. I'm like a negligent middle schooler that leaves bowls of spaghetti precariously balanced on table edges, and then freaks out when forced to clean the (inevitable) saucplosion. Yeah its a big mess to clean up, but its entirely my own fault!

I was convinced to start blogging about my procrastination about 2 weeks ago; "If you write what you are doing with your time it could be really helpful" I was told. I agreed that I would definitely write the first post that same night. But then it turned out that there were only 9 episodes left in season 5 of the office, and it would be a shame to just NOT watch them all back to back. Then the next day I had an 8 page paper to finish (start) that was due the next morning, and the day after that I totally had this weird throat thing that demanded I run to the store to buy mountain dew and then... Etc.

SO. I am finally starting this damnable thing. I think for starters I just want to make a list of the shit I need to get done next week. Hopefully it being all open to the public might shame me into actually doing some of the things on the list. Here goes.

1. Register my car. It expired back in APRIL and I never got around to renewing.
2. Pay parking ticket. Got that sucker at least a few months ago, apparently I can get arrested if I don't pay it so...
3. Clean the Salamander tank. Oh yeah I have a salamander now. I caught him! his name is Jethro the Salamander.
4. Clean my bathroom. Its naaaaasty.

I think thats pretty decent, at least for the first week. Wish me luck!

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