Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Of Drunkards and Heroes

I like to tell people that I follow politics, but I am too lazy to do any of the research myself. This is why I rely on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report to tell me what I am supposed to think and feel. At the end of the show, a guest comes on to talk about something or other, and last week, Diane Keaton was the guest. Watch this please. You won't be disappointed.

Is she high, or drunk? Or both? I CANT TELL. In any case, this video is hilarious, and one of the better things I've seen in recent months. With one very notable exception...

THE AVENGERS. Oh. Em. Gee. Go see this movie. It is awesome. Anyone who knows me knows I have an irrational and borderline zealous love of The Lord of the Rings, but this movie might possibly be better than it. It is that good. Joss Whedon is the director, which is an excellent start. He was a little involved (sarcasm) in a show called Firefly* that was solid gold from start to finish. (if you don't know what that is... shame on you.) He shows his God-like abilities in full force here. Even though the movie has a HUGE cast of characters, somehow every one of them feels equally important and gets at least one "I'm a motherf***ing badass" moment. If you are a straight man, or a woman with similar inclinations, Scarlett Johansson wears THAT OUTFIT (see right) and flips around all over the place being Hot. Ok she also kicks ass and does cool stuff, but she looks GOOD while doing it. Her presence would make even a shitty movie 3/5 stars, but in a 5/5 movie? Its just not fair how good this movie is.

I have always been a huge fan of the hulk from the 60's-70's comics, and I never felt like the hulk movies really did him justice... until now. Every scene where the hulk appears becomes the very best scene that you've even seen in your entire life. Until you see the next scene with the hulk. If you are anything like me (doubtful but lets roll with it) You have had many conversations in your life that followed this structure:

Who would win in a fight, A-Man or B-Man? B can control animals, but A is faster and has laser eyes...

Needless to say I nerdgasmed almost solidly for the full 2 hours 23 minutes. I feel dirty, but I like it.

I recently discovered Yardsellr, a nifty little site connected to facebook that lets you buy and sell stuff. I made 50 bucks selling a few of my old magic cards last week, which is super awesome since I am not swimming in money at the moment. If you like buying and selling stuff, you should check it out!

*This is a link to watch Firefly for free online, so if you were one of those sad people that didn't know what it was (shame on you again!) then you can correct this by clicking the link

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